2018 Vision Summit

50th Fair Housing Anniversary Vision Summit 4-18-18 brought to you by IFHC and Partners. Join us as we learn together and embody our vision for the future of housing! Featuring workshops and panels on housing, access and intersectionality. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  Three Focal Tracks -Disability Rights -Abundant Housing -From Rights to […]

Sample Letter Requesting A Reasonable Modification

REQUESTING A REASONABLE MODIFICATION Below is a sample letter for your convenience. Fill in the blanks and remove the text in the brackets. Dear ____________________________ [name of housing provider]: As a person with a disability, I am hereby requesting a reasonable modification to ____________________________________________ [address of housing to be modified] pursuant to the Fair Housing […]

Stop Hate Crimes

Here’s what you can do to help stop hate crimes: Hate crimes are on the rise. According to the latest FBI report, anti-Muslim crimes in the United States rose 67 percent between 2014 and 2015. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that 892 hate groups are actively operating in this country. In December, the San Luis […]