CDC Eviction Moratorium Forms

Please, make sure that if you are getting evicted for the reasons below bolded in yellow, refer to ILAS statewide 208-746-7541 and IHFA statewide, Jesse Tree and El Ada for Treasure Valley.  

Folks will need to fill out the declaration on p. 33 of the CDC Eviction Moratorium Order:

“Tenants must give their landlord a declaration under penalty of perjury stating that:

          They’ve done their best to get government assistance for housing

          They got a CARES Act subsidy payment (or do not expect to earn more than $99K in 2020 ($198K if filing a joint return))

          They can’t pay rent because of loss of income/wages or extraordinary medical expenses

          They’re doing their best to pay as much rent as they can

          They’d be homeless or have to move into close quarters with somebody else if evicted

          They understand that their rent isn’t waived and they may have to pay it in full on 1/1/21 when the moratorium expires


Emergency Rental Assistance: Idaho | / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)County Assistance – many counties also offer emergency assistance. You can look them up in the blue pages of your phone book, or visit your county webpage and search under departments (e.g. welfare, indigent services, social services); Idaho Careline – 211; Idaho Department of Health and Welfare – provides benefit services aimed at helping families in crisis situations by providing food …

These agencies may be able to help with an emergency rental assistance payment:

Other Idaho Resources