COVID-19 Townhall Series 2021

The COVID-19 Virtual Townhall is an ongoing series to take place on Thursdays through the end of 2021, featuring key stakeholders in our community, who together are working toward housing justice for all. These conversations are framed through Fair Housing and we invite the public and anyone in our community to participate through attending the series, asking questions, and taking some time to look at the resources and materials that we share.  

The materials shared here are those that have been shared throughout these events and serves as a place where the ideas, sources, and information can be viewed together and revisited beyond the short hours the event took place. In working together and providing these resources, we know there are fair housing solutions to build beloved communities and to address barriers to Fair Housing Justice. 

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October 14th – Innovative Housing Solutions

In the face of a national housing crisis, and ongoing pandemic, we conclude our Townhall series by looking for the light at the end of the tunnel for a discussion about possible solutions.

We are joined by Bart Cochran of L.E.A.P Housing Solutions and IFHC Investigator Lori Dicaire who will discuss what real housing innovation could look like in the state of Idaho as well as around the country. LEAP Housing is a Boise-based nonprofit that believes all people deserve an opportunity to access a safe, stable, and affordable home whose mission is to develop and preserve affordable housing while providing empowering services that lead to greater housing stability. Lori Dicaire is a long-time housing advocate and founder of Boise Renters United and Vanishing Boise and brings unique perspectives to the conversation about housing solutions beyond “building more”. We will end our event – as always – with a community Q&A segment. Hosted by Sarah Jareczek, Community Outreach Specialist for Intermountain Fair Housing Council

Resources Mentioned:

September 30th – Navigating Evictions

This week we are joined by Martin Hendrickson from Idaho Legal Aid Services along with IFHC Staff Attorneys, Brian Stephens and Ken Nagy for a discussion on evictions.

With the recent overturn of the eviction moratorium, we are now facing what has been referred to as an “eviction tsunami” in the United States. In Idaho, there were over 100 eviction cases in September alone – a 167% increase from what numbers looked like earlier this year. Our speakers will cover what you need to know if facing eviction, what housing providers need to consider before evicting tenants, as well as sharing resources to help navigate the eviction process. Hosted by Sarah Jareczek and Brittany O’Meara of Intermountain Fair Housing Council.

Resources Mentioned:

September 23rd – Housing is Healthcare

With Idaho hospitals implementing Crisis Standards of Care, this week’s Covid-19 Townhall topic could not be timelier. This Thursday we will discuss “Housing as Healthcare” focusing on the St. Alphonsus and United Way Community Needs Assessment for 2020. Additionally, we will also be discussing “ALICE”, a term coined by United Way to refer to “Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed individuals”.

We are joined by Christa Rowland and Nora Carpenter of United Way of Treasure Valley who will discuss how the financial stability of an individual, influences his/her ability to access food, housing, education, and health care and is a significant Social Influencer of Health. The event will conclude with a community Q&A segment. Hosted by Sarah Jareczek and Brittany O’Meara of Intermountain Fair Housing Council.

Resources Mentioned:

September 9th – Residential Care and Disability Justice

For this week’s Townhall Event we visit the intersection of Covid-19 and Fair Housing for a discussion on Residential Care and Disability Justice.

We will hear from three incredible speakers: Amanda Scott of Aging Idaho, Courtney Holthus of Disability Rights Idaho and Jenna Furman of Idaho Legal Aid. Our speakers will focus on the question, “What can we do to safely house our elderly community members and people with disabilities, many of whom are living at the intersection of both a housing crisis and a pandemic?” followed with a community Q&A segment.

Resources Mentioned:

August 26th – Housing Affordability and the State of Fair Housing in Idaho

Ali Rabe from Jesse Tree and Kendra Knighton and Angelica Moran from Idaho Voices for Children discussing the state of Fair Housing and Housing affordability in Idaho and the housing trust fund.

The conversation is part 3 in our series and highlights what housing affordability looks like, and what we can do to make Idaho a more livable option for Idahoans by answering the question, “What does the future hold for affordable housing in Idaho?” Hosted by Zoe Ann Olson, Executive Director for Intermountain Fair Housing Council

Resources Mentioned:

August 12th – Emergency Rental Assistance for Ada County

Building off our question from July 29ths townhall, “How do I apply for rental assistance and what do I do if I’m not eligible?” Deanna Watson (BCACHA) will cover program eligibility, type and amount of assistance available, and how to access the program for Ada County residents. Jody Erickson with IFHC joins Deanna in conversation with Fair Housing Solutions to Rental Assistance Barriers and what renters should know if they face eviction.

With the CDC Eviction Moratorium extended through October 3rd, Emergency Rental Assistance Programs are working to distribute the millions of dollars in aid that Idaho received. This program is funded through the U.S. Department of the Treasury for low-income local tenants who are struggling with rent and/or utilities and the reason for this is due, in some way, to the COVID pandemic. BCACHA is administering the Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Boise and Ada County.

Resources Mentioned:

July 29th – Fair Housing Solutions to Housing Barriers

With the CDC Eviction Moratorium about to expire on July 31st, Jody Erikson and Monica Fabbi from Intermountain Fair Housing Council discuss Fair Housing Solutions to Rental Assistance Barriers and what renters should know if they face eviction.

The conversation will kick off our series and highlight the Emergency Rental Assistance programs available and the barriers we are seeing to receiving the aid, specifically by answering the question, “How do I apply for rental assistance and what do I do if I’m not eligible?” Hosted by Brittany O’Meara, Education Project Director for Intermountain Fair Housing Council

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