Fair Housing Ambassador Opportunities

As a Fair Housing Ambassador you will perform the following types of activities at the request of IFHC staff: Recruit testers, find and secure venues in accordance with IFHC’s procurement policies, be on call for case investigations, interview clients, go out onsite to complexes and other covered providers, audit/flyer complexes and other covered providers, take photos, do outreach to the community organizations in your area, become involved with at least one community organization/group in your area that you have identified would benefit from the Council’s presence, talk to people about Fair Housing, the work we do and how we can help and act as a liaison for the Council in your community. You will also be asked to set up trainings in your area after you have secured 6-8 individuals who have confirmed they would like to be testers and meet the tester qualifications.

You will spend on average 5-14 hours a month and receive compensation at $13.00 an hour plus mileage reimbursement. Some months you may spend more time and other months much less.

Interested applicants should send their resume to llopez@ifhcidaho.org