A History of Fair Housing

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Fair Housing History of Idaho

Before European explorers arrived in current day Idaho, over 8,000 indigenous people inhabited Idaho including the Great Basin Shoshone and Bannock tribes of the Shoshone-Bannock, the Shoshone Paiute and the Plateau tribes of the Coeur d’Alene, Nimiipuu/Nez Perce and Kootenai and indigenous people from what is now known as Mexico. The original Boise Valley People include the Burns Paiute, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Paiute Band, Fort McDermott Paiute, and Shoshone, Shoshone-Paiute, and Shoshone-Bannock. Today, only five tribes are federally recognized in Idaho, they are the Coeur d’Alene, Nimiipuu/Nez Perce, Kootenai, Shoshone-Bannock, and the Shoshone-Paiute.


Fair Housing History of the United States

For thousands of years before the arrival of European colonizers, Indigenous Peoples lived on the American continent. Initiated by these early settlers, the United States became established in the East and colonized the continent through land grabs and genocide. Following a belief in Manifest Destiny, these efforts led the settler colonials all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Throughout its history, the United States has been part of great oppression as well as great advances in human rights and social justice.

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