Language Access Guide: Table of Contents

This guide provides background information and tools to assist both conventional and federally-assisted housing providers and consumers. It is organized in 6 sections, as follows, (click the link to jump to the corresponding section):

  1. Definitions
  2. Title VI – applies to federally-assisted activities
    • Federal Agency LEP Guidance (USDA and HUD)
    • Language Identification Tools
    • The Notice of Non-Discrimination
    • The Statement of Non-Discrimination
    • The Fair Housing Poster
    • The “Offer to Interpret”
    • The LEP Coordinator Job Description
    • Resident Rights and Responsibilities (in HUD-assisted housing)
  3. Title VIII – applies to ALL housing providers
    • LEP and Fair Housing Video
    • HUD Office of General Council Guidance on Fair Housing Act Protections for Persons with Limited English Proficiency
    • The Limited English Proficiency Plan (LEPP)
    • The Fair Housing Poster
    • Language Identification Tools
  4. HUD Housing Counseling Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Toolkit
  5. Helpful Language Assistance Tools for Managers of Assisted and Non-assisted Housing
    • “Welcome to your new home”
    • “Please repair…”
    • Multi-Language Bed Bug Poster
  6. LEP Cases
  7. How to file a complaint