Use the card on this page to help identify what language a person speaks. It lists languages commonly encountered in the United States and Canada, grouped by regions of the world.

  • When face to face with a non-English speaker, make your best guess as to what part of the world he or she is from.
  • Open the Language ID Card to that section and show the person the languages listed.
  • The message underneath each language tells the non-English speaker to point to or identify his or her language and an interpreter will be called.
  • Call Language Line Services and select the language you need, following the instructions on the next panel of this card. In most cases, an interpreter is available within seconds.
  • If you are unable to identify the language, say “help” and your call will be transferred to a live representative. The representative will initiate a language identification process.

Download the “I Speak” card here

“I Speak” card

Please note: Listing of languages within this card does not guarantee availability of interpreters in this languages. Language line interprets from English into over 140 languages, only the most requested languages are listed here. This list is subject to change based upon demand.