What to Look For – Clues of Possible Discrimination

Clues of Possible Discrimination

Housing Discrimination isn’t always obvious, but it is illegal. It is a violation of the Fair Housing Act to refuse to rent to someone because of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

  • The sign says “Vacancy” but the manager tells you that it has been rented
  • The story you are told in person is different from the information you were given on the telephone 
  • You are told, “You wouldn’t like it here,” or “There’s no place for children to play.” 
  • The manager takes your rental application and says he will he call you after your references are checked, but you are never contacted 
  • The manager is unfriendly and tells you the waiting list is long 
  • You are told to come back next week; the unit can’t be shown at the present time
  • You are told, “your family is too big for a two bedroom”

Discrimination is wrong, and it is against the law. If you think your fair housing rights have been violated, contact us.

Welcome mat with text "Not Welcome"
Welcome mat with text that reads “NOT WELCOME” text above mat reads “Unless you report housing discrimination, it won’t stop.”