Kamille Smikle

InvestigatorKamille Smikle (she/her)

Kamille Smikle has always had a passion for community access. From her time working as an outreach associate, where she set out to educate individuals to promote health to her time working with the senior population where she played a role as coordinator and assisted many community members to local resources and information. Kamille has chosen the field of advocacy because understands how important it is for someone to have that support. As a beneficiary of the Equal Opportunity Program during her college career, she developed a strong sense of devotion to the nonprofit sector with a focus in community organization and change. Kamille believes that access is the key to change, and the best way to affect change is to educate community members about their civil rights to protect them against discrimination.

When she’s not working, Kamille loves hanging out with her friends, going to the beach with her family and binge-watching reality television.