Linda Bosio

Enforcement DirectorLinda Lopez-Bosio (she/her)

Linda Lopez-Bosio is the Enforcement Director & AP/AR Specialist of the Intermountain Fair Housing Council, Inc. Ms. Bosio had been with the organization since January 2010. She has successful fair housing testing experience with the Intermountain Fair Housing Council since 2013 and has had extensive training through NFHA-National Fair Housing Alliance and ISTEP-Investigative Support for Testing and Enforcement Programs. Linda is bilingual (English/Spanish) and bicultural. She continues to assist the Council to affirmatively further fair housing as testing is conducted, intakes are taken, complaints are filed, referred and/or cases are solved. Ms. Bosio has fair housing experience and training including Design & Construction training by Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST, NFHA-National Fair Housing Alliance fair housing school fair housing basics and advanced and fair lending training by NCRC- National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

In her downtime, Linda likes to listen to podcasts and audio books, go hiking and spend time with her family.