Lori Dicaire

InvestigatorLori Dicaire (she/her)

Lori Dicaire is a renter and housing affordability and social justice advocate. Having grown up in Flint, Michigan, a town whose very name is synonymous with segregation, environmental injustice, and poverty, she has dedicated herself to working with organizations that have a steadfast commitment to equality as far back as she can remember. In addition to working for over 2 years as an investigator at IFHC, she also founded Vanishing Boise which was the first entity to question the “all growth is good” narrative in Boise, as well as Boise Renters United – a renter-led movement for safe & secure housing that also provides tenants a forum to know and enforce their rights. She has logged hundreds of hours down at city hall hearings supporting low-income tenants threatened with gentrification-induced displacement.
In her free time, she enjoys the thrill of the hunt at local thrift stores, playing with her pets – a golden retriever and 2 cats, and exploring the abundance of Idaho’s natural landscapes either on foot – hiking or backpacking – or on water – kayaking, rafting, or sailing.