Peg Richards

Education Project DirectorPeg Richards (she/her)

Peg joined IFHC in October 2022 as the Education Project Director. Her background includes working with people experiencing homelessness, oversight of a low-income housing program, advocating for the disenfranchised, and educating our community about the experiences of people with whom she has worked with for the past two decades. Peg also has a strong background in writing and communication practices. She has contributed to the IFHC team by creating guides, handouts, and other educational materials. And is currently providing multiple opportunities across the state, to ensure all Idahoans understand housing rights, how to advocate for their rights, and Fair Housing laws and best practices.

After work, Peg becomes a Pokemon Hunter, news junkie-trekkie mom with animals that likes to adventure with her friends, grandkids and even by herself across the countryside.