Zoe Ann

Executive DirectorZoe Ann Olson (she/her)

Zoe Ann Olson has served as Executive Director of Intermountain Fair Housing Council, Inc. for over ten years now. Ms. Olson has 14 years of experience as an attorney with Idaho Legal Aid Services, Inc. She was a fair housing speaker at the Washington Affordable Housing Association Conference in 2019, at the Housing Solutions Conference in 2020, at the National Low-Income Housing Coalition Member Updates and the Fair Housing in Land Use and AFFH Conference at the University of Idaho in 2021, at the IREM and NARPM Fair Housing Idaho Conference in 2022 and 2023 respectively, and the lead fair housing training throughout Idaho in 2012 to 2023. In 2022, she is the recipient of the Idaho Woman Lawyers Bertha Stull Green Public Service Lawyer Award and the Inns of Court Unsung Hero Award.

In her free time, Zoe Ann likes to play in the outdoors, relax with a book, and travel with her family.