April 5, 2019, Diamond House v. City of Ammon

IFHC filed a claim on behalf of Diamond House that the City of Ammon, idaho had facially discriminatory zoning ordinances that prohibited group foster homes from certain residential Zones of the City but allowed group elder homes in those same zones.

IFHC represented the Complainant in their federal court claim and won a motion for summary judgment that the policy was discriminatory on its face. The court enjoined the City from enforcing the policy.

While the city filed an appeal, IFHC and the Complainant renewed settlement negotiations and were able to reach an agreement for $600,000.00 in damages to the Complainant and $57,000.00 In reasonable attorney’s fees.

Source: https://ifhcidaho.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/2020-IFHC-Annual-Report-1.pdf


by client May 28, 2024