Before 5000 BCE, Precolonial Americas

A map of the area now known as Idaho with overlapping ancestral Native territories of the Indigenous peoples who inhabited North America long before the land was colonized.

Indigenous peoples lived in the Americas and what is currently called the United States as early as 5000 BCE. Initiated by these early settlers, the United States became established in the East and colonized the continent through land grabs and genocide. Following a belief in Manifest Destiny, these efforts led the settler colonials all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

At IFHC we recognize that these land grabs as well as the removal of people from their homes because of their race, religion, color, etc. are violations of the Fair Housing Act and therefore, the very first Fair Housing violation in the United States was the violent removal of Indigenous people from their land.

📍 Lands of the Shoshone-Bannock, Nimiipuu, Lemhi-Shoshone, and Schitsu’umsh

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by IFHCIdaho August 18, 2021