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The Intermountain Fair Housing Council (IFHC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure open and inclusive housing for all persons without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, a source of income, or disability. The IFHC attempts to eradicate discrimination through, education on the fair housing laws, housing information and referral, housing counseling, and assistance with mediating and or filing fair housing complaints, among other things. The IFHC also provides education and outreach on fair housing laws and practices to housing providers and others.

Intermountain Fair Housing Council (IFHC) is here to help renters and community members during the COVID-19 crisis and the impact of this public health emergency. IFHC and our fair housing partners would like to help community members as they are experiencing layoffs, reduced work hours and wages, and other impacts from this crisis. Many tenants have and will experience financial hardships–they will be unable to pay rent, pay utilities, access food, access healthcare, and access transportation.

IFHC encourages tenants and housing providers to talk about their needs and work with each other to find a mutually agreeable solution, to keep everybody housed while preserving credit and rental histories. For tenants, if you can meet your needs and pay rent, you should. For those in our community who cannot meet their needs and pay rent, we have compiled this guide full of resources and best practice tips. We hope this information can help you and your community to stay healthy and housed during this unprecedented time.